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Chronos can provide any observer with a complete picture of the airspace with the precise 3-D position, and aircraft ID of Mode A/C/S transponder equipped aircraft. Information previously only available to air navigation service provider (ANSP) authorities.


Chronos leverages the existing infrastructure of secondary surveillance radars (SSRs) of the ANSP system. Chronos passively "listens" to the SSR and the response of the aircraft equipped with functioning transponders to determine the position of the aircraft through a method that incorporates precision timing of the signals (US Patent Applied For).
Equipped with a simple ethernet interface, the system can be integrated into any airspace awareness solution.
Coming Soon


The reach of Chronos can be extended to areas where aircraft are not flying at sufficient altitude to be within range of an SSR by switching to an "Active" mode. In this mode Chronos actively interrogates the aircraft, in a similar fashion as an SSR.


Active Mode is currently in the development stage.



Dual Modes

Passively listen, or actively interrogate.

All Traffic

Detect and monitor all traffic in the airspace.


Integrate into GuardianEye 2, or use as a stand-alone product.